You deserve service that can form to your needs – not the other way around. Our experienced staff, modern tools, and effective techniques allow us to perform work at the highest level.


World Auto Body Inc.’s restoration philosophy sets our employees straight from the beginning: Repair sans despair! We’re here to help, not cause an incredible amount of anguish during a time at which you’d rather be enjoying your ride. Professional service in the auto body world is a combination of technical skill, honesty, and empathy, and with the wide variety of vehicles and people we’ve worked with, we’re confident we’ll be able to deliver on our philosophy of ‘repair sans despair’.

Fancy brands and epic models are a treat for our technicians, but most people just want to drive their normal car around in some presentable fashion for work, school, and dates (Good luck!). Small abrasions like scratches shouldn’t take away your dignity, but they do tend to lead to more expensive vehicular issues, including corrosion, rust, and the destabilization of the metal’s integrity. Again, our philosophy of ‘repair sans despair’ includes us presenting to you the easiest and most cost-efficient road to a more beautiful restoration. So if we see something that might cause you a headache, we’ll let you know and provide an action plan.

Here are a few tenets we employ to keep our auto body philosophy strong:

  • Use the best quality consumable materials to achieve pre-accident or temporal results;
  • Staff must be experienced and skilled professionals who know their business well;
  • Client-oriented pricing policy must be enforced;
  • Always be timely and reaffirm that all work will be done in the shortest time possible;
  • Think long term – act long term: restorations and repairs should last for as far into the future as possible;

Educate the customer in a non-specialist manner so that everyone walks away knowing the situation.

We can’t know how you will treat your car once it leaves our body shop, but we’ll set you up for a safe ride into the future. If you’d like to see our work philosophy in action, please stop by to visit our auto body shop in Boston.