When your car suffers from an accident or the wear and tear of time, chances are there’s another part in need of repair other than the most visible. Impact to a bumper can alter the integrity of other vehicular areas, and this is why our first visit with your car entails a full inspection, including an auto body geometry check.

Vehicles that pass a geometry check have sufficient aerodynamic form that prevents the car from losing stability, and this helps tremendously during higher velocity travel. Air tightness is another feature that suffers from accidents, and any damage that compromises this can lead to interior pollution that can affect the health of drivers and passengers plus lead to an early aging of the vehicle. Improper wheel alignment is another feature that can lead to a chain of events, including further accident and rapid wearing of tires. Body work is more than just putting the metal together – it’s an entire puzzle of connections, reactions, and predictions joined together to provide you the safest car.

Beyond the serious and intense internal workings of your vehicle, body work also entails beautifying the car. A lackluster appearance can cause owners to feel less enthused about the look of their car, but World Auto Body Inc.’s dent, paint, and polish repair will renew that feeling you once had with your initial purchase. The difference between purchasing a new car and spending the time to make it look like a new car is vast, and we’re here to fill the gap.

We do body geometry restoration, heavy polishing, tin work, light polishing, reinforcement work, protective polishing, auto painting, corrosion prevention treatment, motorcycle painting, and paintless dent repair.