Mechanical Works

There are a few key elements in any mechanical work for your car that World Auto Body Inc. can provide, but being proactive on your part is key! If you ever notice unwanted sounds or difficulty in shifting, bringing the car to our Boston auto body garage can save you further damage to your transmission. Transmission repairs are conducted according to manufacturing standards, and we strive to use original parts for your restoration. We’ve seen all types of transmissions, and while repairing them can be a pain, we’ll do our best to minimize the time needed to diagnose and repair yours.

Your vehicle’s fuel system can also be a cause of concern if not handled as soon as possible with our technicians. Fuel tanks, pipes, pumps, and injections are parts of a larger, complex chain that make the gas in your car do anything at all! Unlike paying more at the pump because of uncontrollable economic and geopolitical issues, you have the power to make sure your future purchases aren’t becoming more frequent due to an issue in your fuel system. Your short term investment with World Auto Body Inc. will save you money in the long run.

The engine is probably the most recognized vocabulary word for in mechanics for even non technicians, but just like the human heart, its intricate layout can only be tamed by those with incredible experience. We provide engine diagnostics, repair, oil changes, and many other services to keep that puppy palpitating far into the future.

Finally, your car won’t be feeling too hot if the cooling system is broken. Actually, your car will be too hot, and this overheating in the engine or gearbox can lead to life-threatening accidents and jarring damage to your vehicle. That little temperature gauge in your dashboard is there for a reason, and if you see it rising high, bring your car over to us as soon as possible as we have mechanics who can help you right away.

We do repairs for manual and auto transmissions, fuel systems, car engines, and cooling systems.