We would love to tell you about all the great repairs and restorations we provide as a Boston auto body shop, but we figured you are looking for something a little more specific. Put on your seatbelt and take a ride through all of the services we provide at World Auto Body Inc. If you don’t see a repair or restoration you’re looking for, please give us a call as we most likely provide that service.

  • Plastic repair

Computer Diagnostics

Most car owners would probably be millionaires if they got a nickel every time the ‘check-engine’ light came on, and even though we’re not, we’re here to check and correct any funny business with your vehicle’s computer system.

Mechanical Work

Manual/auto transmission, fuel system, engine, cooling, and a variety of other internal workings are offered at World Auto.

Express Services

Windshields, ACs, and a variety of other instruments that keep you dry, cool, or warm need maintenance, and we can take care of that in no time

Auto Body Repair

Technicians work to restore your car to pre-accident state or mint condition form.

Collision Repair

We accept and work with all insurance companies to handle claims so you don’t need to speak ‘mechanic-ese’.

Plastic Repair

Repairing plastic parts of your car not only to restore its functionality but also to make it look spotless.


In Massachusetts, cars have to endure heat, UV rays, environmental pollution, salty winters and other factors that can cause premature wear and tear. A complete auto detail from World Auto Body will not only restore the appearance of your car, but will also help to preserve it from the elements, protecting your investment and its resale value. We customize our services to your needs, and we will do our best to bring out the unique personality of your car.

If you’ve tried other detail shops and have yet to receive reliable service, we invite you to visit World Auto Body. We believe that we should be known not just for our attention to detail, but for our enthusiasm, professionalism, and friendly customer service. We love cars, and we’d love to make you a regular at World Auto Body Inc.!

Do keep in mind that our Boston auto body shop is located next to the T on Commonwealth Ave, so if you work or study in town, you’ll find our location to be incredible convenient.

Our Winning Strategy: Optimizing the Assembly Line Repair Process

The following ten stations allow us to maximize on strategic repair points and processes to maximize on efficiency for both our technicians and your wallet.

  1. Assess the visual damage on the vehicle and gather all information needed for ordering parts.
  2. Remove broken parts and keep tearing down so the full extent of the damage is accurately captured. Update the appropriate insurance provider as more injury is discovered while negotiating the maximum subsidy for customers.
  3. Examine and repair any suspension, engine, steering, and electrical diagnosed as compromised.
  4. Measure full-frame or unibody vehicles to make sure they align to manufacturers’ specifications. Carry out any frame straightening procedures that do not conform to industry standards.
  5. Repair dents, scratches, and other abrasions while replacing any other necessary parts.
  6. Apply sealer to the repaired surfaces and dry, sand, and smooth panels to perfect texture so that the paint will adhere properly.
  7. Match, paint, and refinish the vehicle with PPG Waterborne colors so that the appearance looks brand new. Paint should survive four-season climates.
  8. Reassemble all parts including lights, glass, moldings, mirrors, etc.
  9. Completely detail every square square inch of the vehicle from the engine compartment and interior all the way to the exterior, trunk, tires and glass.
  10. Conduct a rigorous final inspection of the restored vehicle so that no missteps were taken during station one through nine.